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Appellate Advocacy

When a case enters the post-trial and appellate stages, significant changes occur that may cause a client to consider employing a new attorney to handle an appeal. Representation at the next level with an attorney who understands and is experienced at appellate litigation can be vital to the outcome of a case. Jim Lobsenz is highly recognized as an exceptional appellate lawyer in the Pacific Northwest. For 35 years he has represented clients on appeal, including cases on civil rights, police misconduct, wrongful sentencing, sexual misconduct, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, education, housing, and more.  Civil Procedure/Discovery Ground Zero v. United…

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Civil Rights

Jim Lobsenz brings suits against government officials for the violation of constitutional rights. Such suits may involve police misconduct, improper license revocation, improper imposition of taxes or the denial of equal protection under the law.

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Criminal Defense

Criminal law involves the government prosecution of an individual for an act classified as a crime. Criminal law is defined by local, state and federal governments and varies from state to state. It includes misdemeanors and felonies for more serious crimes such as murder. The state prosecutor initiates the charging of a crime. Individuals convicted of a crime may be incarcerated, fined, or a combination of both and in the worst criminal offense, executed. Types of crimes include felonies (punishable by a term of imprisonment exceeding one year or by death) or misdemeanors (punishable by imprisonment in a county jail…

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