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Recent Cases

Wed June 12 2013

James Lobsenz Successfully Argues Client Couldn't Steal What Was Already His
Tue Apr 21 2009

James Lobsenz Gets State Supreme Court Win

Tue Jul 24 2007

Appeals Court Finds Errors in Convictions

Wed Jan 17 2007

Lobsenz Gets Reversal

Tue Feb 15 2005

James Lobsenz Wins Appellate Victory for Disabled Child

Tue Oct 28 2003

James Lobsenz and Ken Kagan Defend Fourth Amendment Rights

Fri Jul 25 2003

James Lobsenz Wins Reversal of Conviction

Thu May 8 2003

James Lobsenz Wins New Trial


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"The criminal justice system is not perfect by any means. Mistakes are made and innocent people are wrongfully convicted. Trial judges make serious errors, and prosecutors and police sometimes engage in unfair and illegal conduct in a misguided zealous effort to punish the bad guy.

James Lobsenz

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