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Thu January 30 2014

James Lobsenz Receives Distinguished Faculty Honor

Carney attorney James Lobsenz had been named a Distinguished Faculty by Lorman for the seminars he has participated in for the education services company. These events have focused on a variety of crucial legal issues over the years, including police liability, the law of arrest, search and seizure in Washington, and legal ethics.

Mr. Lobsenz, who has an extensive appellate and criminal defense practice, has regularly been recognized by Super Lawyers for his professional achievements. He is the 2009 recipient of the William O. Douglas Award from the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


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"The criminal justice system is not perfect by any means. Mistakes are made and innocent people are wrongfully convicted. Trial judges make serious errors, and prosecutors and police sometimes engage in unfair and illegal conduct in a misguided zealous effort to punish the bad guy.

James Lobsenz

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