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Press Releases

Mon June 16 2014

James Lobsenz Named Among Top Attorneys in Washington State by Super Lawyers

Thu January 30 2014

James Lobsenz Receives Distinguished Faculty Honor

Tue December 3 2013

James Lobsenz Named as Among Nation's Best in Business Practice Areas by Super Lawyers

Mon June 17 2013

James Lobsenz Named to Top 100 Washington Super Lawyers List

Mon December 3 2012

James Lobsenz to Speak at Public Records Act Litigation Seminar

Mon September 10 2012

James Lobsenz Listed as Among Nation's Top Attorneys in Business Practice Areas by Super Lawyers

Wed June 20 2012

James Lobsenz Named as One of Top Attorneys in State

Wed June 29 2011

James Lobsenz Rewrites the Rules

Tue June 28 2011

James Lobsenz Honored by Super Lawyers

Wed June 30 2010

James Lobsenz Among Top Civil Rights Attorneys in King County Says Magazine

Fri June 11 2010

James Lobsenz Honored as 2010 Super Lawyer

Tue January 10 2010

James Lobsenz Honored for Being Among Top Appellate Lawyers in America

Tue June 16 2009

James Lobsenz Receives Top Award for Distinguished Career in Criminal Defense

Thu May 28 2009

James Lobsenz Named 2009 Super Lawyer

Fri May 30 2008

James Lobsenz Honored as 2008 Super Lawyer

Mon Sep 17 2007

James Lobsenz Receives Top Avvo Ranking

Thu Jun 7 2007

James Lobsenz Honored as 2007 Super Lawyer

Tue Jan 16 2007

James Lobsenz Named Top Seattle Lawyer

Tue Aug 2 2005

James Lobsenz Honored as 2005 "Super Lawyer"

Tue Jan 25 2005

James Lobsenz Named Top Seattle Lawyer

Fri Sep 17 2004

James Lobsenz Honored as 2004 "Super Lawyer"

Fri Sep 17 2004

James Lobsenz Honored for Pro Bono Work


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"The criminal justice system is not perfect by any means. Mistakes are made and innocent people are wrongfully convicted. Trial judges make serious errors, and prosecutors and police sometimes engage in unfair and illegal conduct in a misguided zealous effort to punish the bad guy.

James Lobsenz

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